Christmas highlights 2007, part 2

(the dreaded spiral staircase and my dad's favorite window for spying on enjoying his animal friends)

When I last left you Christmas Eve was wrapping up. Ruby and Grandma were snug in their beds (guffaw!) and Patrick was upstairs trying to wrangle James to sleep. I was downstairs putting out the Santa gifts when Erin thankfully reminded me about the milk & cookie thing. Duh! I am so not a good secret Santa parent. So, Erin saved the night and we said our goodbyes.

Christmas morning (for some of us. ahem.) dawned bright and early. The kids opened up the new presents after waiting (and waiting) for their dear father to get out of bed. My mom and I couldn't believe how good they were about the gifts. Even Christmas Eve, they waited really well. James loved his digital camera and Ruby was pretty ticked off that her high chair didn't come with the doll pictured on the box. (sorry, dear one.)
I don't remember what happened next. Oh yeah! We rushed around getting ready with a crabby Bubles because we wanted her to sleep in the van on the way to my dad's. We called him when she went under and had him move his truck out of the garage. We pulled in, shut off the van, and went inside. Ruby slept for THREE HOURS in that van, praise God. She needed it. (we all did.) We had put her in her fleece snowsuit beforehand so she was nice & cozy.

We ate our dinner of ham & twice baked potatoes (I love this meal, don't you?) and I thought it was so sweet that my dad had made James his own baked potato with no butter but green sprinkles. He didn't eat it but it was really sweet.

I think the boys went outside at that point because my dad had made a snow slide for James. He tried this 2 years ago with less than stellar results but this year was a whole different ball game. See...

My dad made these flying saucer slides in our front yard for years when I was a kid. He iced 'em down, all nice and slick, and we would go flying down our front hill. (If we did that now all the kids would have to sign waivers and wear helmets, right?) Anyways, James loved it so much that they decided to make it bigger. Dad got out the bobcat and went to work.Ruby finally woke up and everyone came in to open presents. My dad made James the cutest apron EVER. Sadly, I forgot one bag of gifts in Madison and my dad's best present was in there. (I'll mail it this week, Dad.) Annie and I also got him a book about, what else, Thunderbirds. I gave him some Muesli, too, and he seemed really excited. (not.) haha! He gave James a guitar and Ruby a keyboard. So they can have a band. (with uncle muss, as Ruby calls him)

We went back outside for a while, this time with Ruby, before we called it a day. (gratuitous shot of the hat I made for her) (just to make my cousins sick)

It was such a nice relaxing day and one of the things that made me the saddest about leaving early was that we didn't get to go up there again. Him & James were so happy outside together and I just wanted to do all of that over. I told him this and he said not to worry, it will probably still all be there in July. heehee. (I'm thinking maybe we'll go back in February?) Anyways, thanks Dad. I love you.

(Mom, I love you too. Sorry I didn't say that on my description of our day with you.) (Oh wait. I did but you were ASLEEP.) HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

I guess I tried to lure you all back with the promise of humiliation but that doesn't really come until tomorrow, the day after Christmas, at the hands of my lovely cousin Sarah. Until then, sweet dreams! (I am so cold right now it's not even funny.) (okay, this is from last week but that's about how cold I am.)


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