do you hear that?

It might be very faint depending where you are but listen and you'll hear it. It's the sound of me screaming. It's the sound of me shrieking that I can't paint ONE MORE PICTURE or build ONE MORE LEGO BRIDGE. I cannot bear to read ONE MORE STORY or have both of my kids in this house for ONE MORE DAY.

Even a diagnosis of TB would not keep James home from preschool tomorrow.

Remember earlier when I said Ruby had that short little nap this morning (at 9am) and how nice it was? Well, if I had to pick between an hour this morning or her normal 2+ hours this afternoon, which do you think I would have chosen? Yeah.

James and I had out my old stamps this afternoon just to liven things up a little. I had to laugh when I found this one while sifting through the heap:
I feel you, foxy mama.


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