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  • I ended up using this mustard bbq recipe yesterday and it was pretty good. We ate the ribs with applesauce and it was a nice balance to the tang of the sauce.
  • Patrick has been buying these $3 cowboy cookies at Barriques a few mornings a week. Along with a cup of coffee, this is adding $6 to his daily expenditures. Last night I tried this recipe and they turned out sooooooo good. We were out of milk and it was heartbreaking to be eating them fresh out of the oven with no milk. The recipe makes a double batch so cut it in half if you don't want to be baking for hours. I cut down on the sugar and used 1/2 whole wheat flour with no ill effects. (I didn't cut down on the chocolate chips so that helped.)
  • I love pomegranates. I had never had a fresh pomegranate in my home before I bought the ones in Arizona. They arrived in good shape so I did a little research and removed their seeds in a bowl of water. Oh man, they are delicious. Or, they were delicious. They are long gone. Ruby and I ate all of them. Patrick tried them but wasn't thrilled and James said he'll try them when he's 5. They were particularly good sprinkled over the coconut lime cake I made last weekend.


  1. Those cowboy cookies sure sound good--yee-haw! Hope they fill in and stop the extra $$ spendage. :)

    I've never really tried pomegranates, though I've heard raves of their health benefits. To me, they seem to require a lot of effort.

  2. DAMN those cookies sound good! I think they sound like a good breakfast cookie. Is that a bad thing? And the pomegranate on top of coconut lime cake=divine!!


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