happy new year!

(she's a beauty, eh?)

I don't think I told you guys, but my new year has just begun.

Patrick and I were not getting along the best yet on Jan 1st and then once we were, we all got sick and then it was time for my trip. So my new year just started and I am loving it.

I have some goals and such but don't have them organized enough to get them down yet. A few good things that are goal related:

  • Patrick & I have a goal of moving closer to his work by the summer of 2010. We have some financial & current home goals to meet before selling & moving, the financial ones first. They are holding a budget & finance workshop at our church on the 16th of February (all day) and we get to go! Zoe generously said she'd watch J&R but would prefer to do it at her house. (understandable since she has a 6 month old who likes those things called naps.) Kate also said she'd do it and would come over here so we asked her to. Ruby will nap here and that will be nice for all involved. Anyways, Patrick and I have always had a rough budget but tend to freely spend whatever is left. We are doing some things that I am proud of us for but also have some habits that I'm not so thrilled with. I hope doing this together will join us in our efforts to reach that goal of moving.
  • Speaking of spending, I got a new crockpot! Remember my old one that was so hot? Well, Patrick took it apart to fix it and saw that the wiring was BAD. I should have returned that thing after the first time I used it. Thank God we never had a fire. PSA: If a small appliance isn't working please get it checked & fixed before you use it again! (I'm sure everyone knows this already but sometimes there are these little ruts, right?)
I guess I have to go. I am making some ribs for dinner and need to go find a recipe for BBQ sauce.



  1. Stephanie,

    My hubby and I took a financial course this summer and wow has it helped! www.daveramsey.com It was a thirteen week course. A bit of a commitment but totally worth it.

  2. I've read one Dave Ramsey book and loved it but never followed through. I am going to check out another one...thanks for the reminder. :)


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