This is how James greeted our house after getting home from Duluth. He was happy.

Ruby is putting 2 or more words together quite a bit now. She says "love you" and "ruby happy" when she is hugging one of us. She has also mastered the idea of "one more."

I thought her and James were going to make out this morning or something. It played out like this:

J: Hiiiiiii Ruby. I missed you. (she had been in bedroom time for throwing pear slices at me.) (those darn pears!!)
R: hi.
J: Can I have a hug?
R: yeah.
(they hug and hug and hug)
J: do you love me, ruby?
R: yeah.
J: do you love living with me?
R: yeaaaaaah.
(they hug and kiss and kiss and finally stop just when I was getting a little worried)

Last night James & I were laying in bed and he said he was glad it was nighttime. I asked him why. "Because the Hyundai is in the garage and daddy is home." (awwwww.) Then he told me he loves that I am home every day and never have to "woke." (how work sounds with no "r") He is still sad that I have to go to Hairizona, though.

Other happy stuff: dinner in the crockpot (who knew browning a big hunk of beef would be so satisfying?), a shower, and it's Friday!

Have a good weekend! xo


  1. The crock pot works wonders with hunks of beef doesn't it?

    That was sweet b/w James and Ruby!


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