home again, home again

So here I am, back in Wisconsin. yawn, I'm tired. And kinda cold. My little trip was everything it should have been and more. It was incredible to be there with my dad (and sister, and Mari, and Marlene and Larry and Ray and Travis and Jim and Jim and Mark.) Uh, yeah. He had quite an entourage for this event...it was awesome. And $600,000.00!!! cha ching! Way to go, Dad!!!!! (and way to go, Don Williams!) (the high bidder)

I, of course, have boatloads more to say. But right now there is a particular little red head who needs squeezing. (my little brown head, as James calls himself & me, is at preschool.)

But first I just have to say there are some beautiful shots of the car on Autoblog if you're interested.

Also, I talked to BO DUKE (John Schneider for those of you who aren't Dukes of Hazzard fans) and my sister talked to DR MCDREAMY (Patrick Dempsey for those of you who aren't Grey's Anatomy fans.) That was neat.

I'll be back! xoxo


  1. OMG, McDreamy makes me swoooooooooooooooooooooon.

    We watched the auction, it was some exciting stuff.

  2. welcome home- and 60K, incredible!! congrats to your dad!

  3. That should be 600K!!
    very incredible!


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