i can't find my camera charger

It is driving me mental. Along with that, this is day number 5 of pretty much being in the house. James felt 95% better yesterday, to our glee and astonishment. (thank you for all the well wishes and commiserations, it helped. :) ) He still looked a little peaked so we kept him home and I fed him sausage and ice cream all day. Ruby is coughing more today so I'm guessing we're in for it again. At least Patrick will be home the next 2 days and then, next week, I GO TO HAIRIZONA. No way. 4 days without my kids. No way.

I finished my bag yesterday and I really like it. It's a little slouchy but since I have a great fear of fusible stuff I will have to deal with that. It was intended as a carry on so I made it a little taller to fit magazines. I think with the new Real Simple and US stuffed inside that it will be perfect. Making the inside was pretty cool. I measured the pockets so they fit my phone, camera and pen (epi or otherwise) just right. The fabric was a little treat from Superbuzzy, called Birdseed - Red. I ordered a half yard of it and have most of that left. I realized when I got it that it had this writing on the edges that I was totally in love with and the selvage edge was pretty cool, too. After playing around with lots of different combinations I decided that I liked that writing the best with just one little red bird. (oh little red bird...I love that song on the cd Ellen sent us.) (click on the pics if you want detail.) I roughly sketched a larger bird and cut it out for the other side. The process was a lot of fun...this is the first time I made something just for me since my first sewing attempt last May. I am really drawn to red and brown and linen so I think I have to be careful or everything I make could look the same.

Anyways, I cannot take any more photos because I can't find that darn charger. :(

I will probably be back later because we are going to be here again ALL DAY.


  1. thanks guys! :)

    (Zoe! you commented!) ;)

  2. Love the bird! Great job! Red and brown is such a good color combo.


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