i'll take drama for $500, please

Poor little James is not doing well. Well, he's better now, parked on the chaise with the humidifier parked next to him. We can't see our doc until tomorrow but his lungs checked out clear this morning so that is reassuring.
(but she looked so sweet this morning)

I was desperate to get out of the house today, and really did need a couple things, but it was a small scale nightmare and now I am soooo happy to be back home. James coughed himself into a vomit at Whole Foods. I scanned & bagged the items he hit so the checker wouldn't have to touch them. We were both laughing because it was so awful. (I did wipe them off first but couldn't just hand them over to her in good conscience.) A while later I had to carry Ruby out of the clinic while she was screaming and arching her back trying to get at my neck, for pinching of course, because I dared to try and put her jacket on. I then put her in her car seat and she told me she had pooped. I considered waiting but didn't want to have another bad mom story under my belt over something as insignificant as poop. So that was a lot of fun...changing the tiny tyrant in the back of the van. She promptly fell asleep though, thank GOD.

I have a little movie of James reading to Ruby this morning which I will try to post later. Right now I am going back to work on my bag while they are both asleep. I really can't believe it's only Wednesday.


  1. Err, oh my. I havent coughed so hard I threw up since I was pregnant. That really bites. Poor kid.

  2. I sure hope he gets to feeling better soon.


  3. Sorry he's been so sick! A. coughed like that once, but thankfully we weren't around anything. What a grocery store nightmare!

    Hope tomorrow is better for everyone.

  4. Happy Thursday!

    you poor thing...


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