i'm dying over here

Okay, laughing out loud at this. I'm going back later to read all of them. This reminds me of a Wondertime article by Jacquelyn Mitchard about her worst parenting moments. (Did you know she has a blog? I didn't. How cool is that?) I kept meaning to post about this article, which made me like her so much, and one of my moments that just horrified me at the time. I've only told 2 people.

Here it is: I got so frustrated with James once, when Ruby was a couple months old, that I threw a hot wheels truck at the wall. It bounced off and hit RUBY, my wee little baby, in the head. I know, I know. It made me sick, too. (she wasn't hurt, just a little red spot) Are you going to leave me now?

Oh yeah, this passage from Looky! Daddy cracked me up earlier this week:

"Dear The Dad,

I have nearly-three-year-old twins, and am growing frustrated with the comment, “Oh, it must be so great to have twins, since they play together!” It is great that my daughters love one another, and yes, they do play together, but no, that does not mean that having two children is way easier than having one (which is often implied or actually said directly). I often launch into a rather long-winded explanation about how, no, two is not easier than one, but find my explanations usually only convince people that I’m a big whiner. Any suggestions on pithy responses, or am I doomed to smile and nod?

Look them in the eye and say, "Well, it's not like the second one is a f*%king Au Pair."

HAHAHA. (editing on the swear word was mine.) (because even if I throw toys at my children this blog is pretty much G rated.)


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