i'm using my noggin today

As in, right now. As in, my kids are watching Noggin on Demand. Can I get a big AMEN for new Blue's Clues on demand this morning?

All right, back to me.

Oh, man, where should I start? I do think a list is in order.
  1. Ruby was 20 months old yesterday and I didn't even do a Ruby's Tuesday. I'd like to list 20 things I love about her right now but it's a struggle to come up with 2. KIDDING. She is on the mend, thank God we got some antibiotics for her poor little ears. She is still grouchy today but she slept ALL NIGHT last night for the first time in a week. Oh, that makes me feel good! 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is nothing to sneeze at. (I am sneezing today, but not at that, never at that.) I just talked to Patrick and asked him if he shut her fan off last night. He was all, "Yeah, it was like a hurricane in there wth the vaporizer, the fan and the furnace all going." HAHAHAHA.
  2. I can taste my coffee today which didn't seem possible until a particularly good nose blowing a little while ago. (I know, so gross!)
  3. I got the bills paid and the thank you's mailed, my appt. is rescheduled.
  4. I think I get to see my friends tonight, I've been missing them. I was exhausted last night so I won't go if I am that tired, but if I'm not, I'm gonna get my craft on.
  5. Ruby dropped her raisins in the doctors office yesterday and said "crap." heehee. It sounded like "bap" so no one knew it but me. heehee.
  6. You know, when I sat down it seemed like I had so much important stuff to share. Now where did it all go?
  7. I have been craving barley, strangely enough. I made a black bean & barley soup a couple nights ago that was really good. It gives me mad gas, though. Not the kind that makes you toot a lot but the kind that makes your back hurt. Do you know what I mean? I haven't had gas like that since I was pregnant. A couple of Rolaids helped. (It's so good I'm going to have it for lunch, too.)
  8. This is one of my favorite posts that I ever wrote. It still cracks me up. From one year ago, yesterday. (man, I was not on the ball yesterday.)
And, that's it for now. xoxo



  2. Hi! I found your blog through a post on the glitter workshop blog! I'm also in Madison.

    Glad your daughter is feeling better! I have 2 little ones. It's the worst when they are sick!

    Take care,

  3. I can't say I've ever craved barley, but it sounds like a healthy craving, so that's good.

    Too funny about Ruby at the Dr.--"bap"--hahaha

    Hope y'all are on the mend!

  4. Barley!?! Little kids saying Crap? Using your noggin time wisely I see. ;-) I think it was called "Pinwheel" when I was little on Nickelodeon though. I have to tell you sometime about my friend who works at Viacom, the NYC office that houses Nickelodeon and MTV--apparently the two teams do NOT get along!

    OK, sorry for the rant!


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