james saves the day

No, he didn't find my charger, even after I offered him $100 and a pony, but he did remind me that he has a camera now. Oh yeah. It doesn't take the best pictures but it is a camera and just knowing I have one gives me a good, safe feeling. You know, just in case I make a pincushion out of an old coffee cup and have an urgent need to show it off. (Made with fabric from Thomas & Erin, idea from Pretty Little Pincushions.)

I won't bore you with the details of today. It was long and boring but some good stuff came out of it. Our babysitter could have come last night, but we were too pooped, and she couldn't come tonight so we will have to wait until I get home for another date. It sure is fun to look forward to, though.

I have a lot to do this week. Here's a list, for my reference.
  1. James' birthday thank you notes (I know, that was over a month ago!)
  2. Call US Cellular
  3. Deal with the sadness that we aren't sending James back to the same preschool even though we love it and they love him. :( boo hoo. One of his teachers reminded me last week that sign up starts tomorrow and the MWF am class fills up fast. She said it would be full if I waited until Tues to sign him up so I should come in tomorrow if we want a spot. I do want him to go 3 days a week but don't really want to drive to Madison 3 days a week to get him. But we feel so safe with them now. And, his teacher said, "We really love James and want him to be here if you guys decide that so I wanted to let you know." sniffle. Before having kids I didn't realize that if someone loves one of mine that it will make me love them a little, too. so sweet.
  4. pack (woo and a hoo!) (I read/heard that expression somewhere else so I'm not taking credit for it.) (but everything, everything, else on this blog I take complete credit for. HAHAHAHA.)
  5. get the rest of the bills written & sent
  6. James dr. appt. on Tues, Ruby dr. appt. on Thurs.
  7. Cancel my dr. appt. for Thursday & reschedule (what was I thinking??)
  8. First craft group meeting Wed night. My friend Zoe had the great idea to start a craft night. I am really excited.

You cannot see the bottom of my hair here, which is where all the incredible style is, but I liked this photo.
See? Incredible. HAHAHAHAHa!

I'm thinking of taking this camera to Barrett-Jackson. Do you think I will look silly?

Speaking of Barrett, I heard from my dad's girlfriend that his bird is generating LOTS & LOTS of interest and that he's had TV crews taping already. He is already there. I plan on calling him tomorrow. Just in case you were wondering. ??

Patrick switched us over to Linux (that's an operating system, mom.) so I have to learn the new photo stuff. I haven't posted on flickr lately and still have all the Christmas photos to go up. My auntie just emailed me a bunch that she took, too, and they were sooo fun to look at. I love my family so much. I'll try to get them posted this week, if I get the chance.

To all the lovely authors of all my favorite blogs...please forgive my probable absence this week. I'm sure I will be reading but might not find time to comment. xo


  1. What date is the car going on the block? I have forgotten and I want to watch!


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