more barrett-jackson tales

  1. I had the most delicious buckwheat waffle at The Breakfast Club. I must find a recipe for buckwheat pancakes or waffles. Anyone have one?
  2. I was excitedly telling anyone who would listen how my dad sewed the seats for this car by himself. These guys that were hanging out by the car talking to us (restorers themselves) were like, "you should keep that on the down low" I guess it would have been better if they were made in Italy or something but I was so proud of him. :) (they were mostly joking with me) (my dad had this info all over his website, too)
  3. Our room at the Motel 6 was the size of a large cracker box. We did plenty of laughing in that room and didn't realize how un-soundproof the walls were until we heard our neighbor say goodnight to someone, clear as day. oops.
  4. A probable mobster offered to throw Annie's duffle over the railing to us when we were packing the car. Annie noted that he seemed awfully comfortable with this action and had probably done it a few times before.
  5. The day after the auction a couple random people mentioned the Italien in conversation. It was so fun to say it was our dad's!
  6. A girl at the auction asked us which car we were there with. We answered and tried to describe it. As we walked away we realized that each of us had the car on our t-shirts and the sweatshirts over our shoulders. duh.
  7. Barrett used the Italien on their advertising before the auction, their official auction T Shirts, and on some of the parking passes and bidder/seller passes. That was pretty see so many people walking around with it on them.
  8. Andrea forgot to pack underwear and a few other things for the trip. We walked into Target on Saturday morning and she was like, "Should I get a cart?" Um, no. We are not shopping at Target while we are in Arizona. (we went to goodwill instead) (that's how we roll)
  9. Scottsdale is clean and beautiful. I love the rock/cactus landscaping & mosaics along the highways and how everything is built low profile so as not to disturb the mountain view. It does make it hard to find stuff but it is so pretty. It's not like Madison where you can see the Target sign (&spotlight) from across town. (thanks to Kate for that joke)
  10. My Uncle Larry said Mark, one of my dad's friends (and sometime buyer/seller) who was there, had more balls than a bowling alley. hee, thought that was funny.
  11. The Motel 6 had these bizarre tiny stairs going up to the second floor where our room was. They were spaced very close together which made it really hard to walk up them. It took hours and usually resulted in us peeing ourselves with laughter by the time we made it.
  12. We really, really loved the Tonto National Forest and plan on going back for sure. Here are some flickr pictures from other people.
  13. On Friday night Annie & I were sitting by the car eating some Ben & Jerry's. (I had some coconut kind that had lots of shredded coconut.) (this is important later) I looked over my shoulder and it was JOHN SCHNEIDER with an older gentleman. I had a mouth full of ice cream so I tried to get it down while getting out my (dad's) camera and telling Annie who it was. (she didn't care, I was thrilled!) I got a blurry picture (you'll see it later) and said hi. He looked right at me, said hello, and gave me the nicest smile. He said they had been looking at the car from the VIP area for a long time and had to come and check it out. I told him our Dad had restored it and spit coconut all over. (Annie said this wasn't obvious but she might have been being kind.) He said the gentleman was his Dad and then the Dad came over to Annie & I and said (our) dad's daughters were as beautiful as the car. I said something and coconut came flying out again. Smooth. Really smooth. Anyways, Bo seemed so nice and gave us a genuine smile. I wanted to gush about how much I loved the Dukes but I didn't have to, I'm sure he could see it in my eyes.


That's it for now. I still don't have my luggage. As of this morning one piece is in Madison at the airport and the other is still in Chicago. I had to take a bus back to Madison on Monday night due to bad weather and canceled flights. I want my stuff! (my shabby chic duvet, that blue's clues puzzle, 5 lbs of limes & oranges, 2 pomegranates (I know, I know), a few rocks, some cactus carcass, clothes for ruby, that cactus cookie cutter, the desert colored candied popcorn, my new Born sandals that I got on sale, some cowboy fabric (I'll make my own souvenir t-shirts, thank you very much), some dessert sauce, adorable party picks and my mascara. We went to Odin's birthday today and I felt so naked without mascara. sigh. It was so fun to see our friends again, though. A good morning.

I have to go defrost a lot of meat so I can make dinner. My kids didn't really love the build your own bowl of oatmeal bar that I set up last night. ha!


  1. Oh Steph! You crack me up--seriously! What else has mobster guy tossed? JOHN SCHNEIDER and ice cream? Motel 6 paper walls! Oatmeal bar! Tee Hee!!


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