my life in photos

love these creamy little legs and the robot ones next door
a new favorite plate
"shhhhhhh baby"
it's hard taking care of so many babies
just chillin' at his sister's crib (hahaha!)
clearance wrapping paper has many uses
see that easel box in the corner?

out with most of the old and in with some new old
figuring out his new camera
mini vegan donuts, pretty good, really cute. I used this recipe.
I actually went to bed like this.
my kids like a snack tray
that big hunk of beef I mentioned browning
how a man cleans the glass top stove top
hand sander & dish worked really well
they eat better if I give them side dishes
rainy morning, good for staying in bed
I wish I could have. See, we had a little guest on the cot last night.
(poor buddy has a bad cough.) (can you tell we like blankets?)


  1. Er, this might be a dumb question, but what is Earth Balance in that recipe?

  2. All of those pictures are exceptionally cute, but that one of Patric had me crackin' up! Totally a man thing to do ;)

    I sure would like a glass top stove for the ease of clean-up!

  3. I know. :) It was hilarious but worked so well.

  4. I love this big photo post! and I hope everyone is feeling okay today...


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