not by bread alone, but close

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I like to buy the Alexia Classic French rolls when our budget permits. Last week they had 2 bags of the Pillsbury Whole Wheat dinner rolls for the same price as one bag of the Alexia. I tried them and we love them. They bake up quickly and have a high crust to soft inside ratio that I love. They do have some HFCS in them but sometimes a dietary sacrifice is unavoidable. (okay, not really, but I lie to myself sometimes.) I am slightly disturbed that even the "healthy" brands of whole wheat bread that we buy have HFCS.

I've wanted to bake the no-knead bread ever since last winter and now I want to try the chocolate version. I also think I'm going to try this basic whole wheat recipe, substituting olive oil for the melted butter. Maybe this weekend. Patrick may be ice diving on Sunday and baking bread sounds like a nice, relaxing thing to do with the kids. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Maybe if I was drunk.

Did I just say that out loud? Anyways, we had those rolls for dinner tonight, that's what started this bread rampage. James cut up all the potatos for the sausage & corn chowder that accompanied the rolls. I couldn't tell him they were for a chowder or soup, though, or he wouldn't have eaten it or helped me. I said the water was just used for cooking and then only put the chunks of potato, sausage and corn on his plate. He fell for it! ha! The warm little rolls helped.


  1. I've never tried chocolate bread, but it sounds interesting. Would it be sweet enough for a chocolate lover like me? Beautiful kids.

  2. ok, please send the recipe for the sausage/corn chowder ASAP....thank you kindly, your mama

  3. oh yum- i just ordered a pizza stone so i can start making the 5-mins/no-knead bread. can't wait!


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