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I'm not sure if you've noticed but I have this horrible habit of wanting to post about things, saying I'm going to post about things, and then never posting about them. I could go on and on and on about this trip, because it was THAT perfect, but instead I've prepared a list of things that I wanted to remember because they were A) very important (to me and those involved) or B) very funny or C) some other reason.

So, here goes, in no particular order. (because I was a little drunk when I started this list)

  1. Annie asked for an ice water along with her coffee at Starbucks. The barrista (?) called it out like a coffee, "Iced Grande Iced Water for Andrea." ? I'm like, "Iced grande iced water?" to the guy and he gave me a dirty look. We cracked up.
  2. Dad told us the restaurant was up ahead, the one with the green light. We get up ahead and the sign says MORTUARY. Annie says, "I'm not eating anything from there, Dad."
  3. We LOVED the store Sur La Table. Loved it.
  4. After eating our mexican meal, Andrea said my plate looked like the Arizona landscape, with all the brown (beans and rice) and green (guac). Then she said, pretending she was our server, "Were you sick or can I wrap that up for you?"
  5. Her and I are dumb and dumber. for sure.
  6. she thought LOL meant Lots of Laughs. HAHAHAHA. LOL. ROFLMAO. (figure that one out, seester.)
  7. My uncle Larry said there are 3 types of people in Minnesota. Those that can add and those that can't.
  8. As I started making this list, Andrea kept being funny. I said, "The memories! They just don't stop!" She said, "Yes they do, that's why you have to write them down."
  9. At the airport Dad called. He said, "We're coming down that escalator right now!" I'm like, okaaaaay. (seeing no escalator but whatever) He called back a little while later after discovering he was in a different terminal.
  10. Me & Annie spooned and realized we liked it. Why didn't we spoon sooner?
  11. We took a wrong turn (cough Dad! cough) but ended up in the GORGEOUS Tonto National Forest. We stole some dead cacti parts and hollered for dad to open the trunk as we ran up out of the desert with them. I also peed in the national forest and we were surrounded by snake holes at one point. (I did not pee in a snake hole)
  12. We often liked to wander off totally in the wrong direction when going back to the car. At the swap meet on Sunday morning we were walking out to meet Dad & Mari and heard Dad yelling for us. He was by the car, way on the other side of the lot.
  13. Mari asked my dad, over and over, "Have they always been like this?" *It's important to note here that I only had ONE alcoholic beverage on this trip (a delicious margarita) but often seemed drunk. (It's called HAVING SO MUCH FUN.)
  14. Annie was my co-pilot and caught lots of red lights for me. It was the elevation or the SO MUCH FUN.
  15. Dad is cuckoo for Coco's stuff.
  16. I woke up Sunday morning and couldn't believe we had eaten our last 3 meals at Coco's.
  17. We celebrated his phenomenal sale at Coco's Saturday night. (actually, they have very good steak.)
  18. Annie thought Dad asked us to go walk around Old Towntown when he had really said Old Downtown. She went around asking our other family members if they wanted to join us at Old Towntown and said we would be happy to go see Old Towntown.
  19. Ronan would say something funny while on the phone with Andrea and then pause so she could relay it to me. (how quickly he's learned how we operate)
  20. My friend Vicki DVR'd the auction for me and Jason called to say he had 2 people taping it as well. Very sweet.
  21. My friend Neelone happened to be in Scottsdale this week and came to the auction Saturday night. After we came off stage she fought her way to the front to say hi and congratulate us. That was very cool.
  22. My Dad set a WORLD record for the highest Thunderbird sale EVER.
  23. Even though the Italien did so well, this was kind of a bad year for sellers. Did you notice the auctioneers saying, "COME ON PEOPLE, this is a MILLION dollar car!" Ah, the world of no reserve can be pretty nerve wracking. They really pushed the bidders for every last dollar. No wonder, they get 18% of every final bid price! (10% from buyer, 8% from seller)
  24. We scored front row seats on Friday night. This was so exciting. We were right there to see our Uncle Ray's car sell.
  25. A couple different times Annie and I ended up in places where we totally should not have been. Like, almost on the stage when it wasn't our turn or right next to the car with Patrick Dempsey in it. heehee.
  26. A: Is that Patrick Dempsey?
S: (looking at this kind of chubby guy in an old sweater) No. (like, duh!)
A: (a minute later) Steph. That's Patrick Dempsey.
S: what? (I look to where she is pointing, to the car right in front of us, and we bend over to look in the window.)
A: Hi. Can I take your picture?
PD: Sure. (he smiles, she takes picture, we walk away with our mouths open.)
A: (with tears in her eyes) I can't believe I just talked to Patrick Dempsey.
27. Our uncle's step son almost bought a car on Saturday night when all he meant to do was congratulate the auctioneer assistant on the last high sale he had helped with. (note to self: do not make sudden hand movements at auctions)

28. We open our trunk at the hotel to find it full of wood and fruit. (oh yeah we bought a lot of produce at the swap meet.) Annie yells, "Who put all this wood and fruit in our car?!" I yell, "No, not wooden fruit, that's in the other bag." (I bought the kids some paper mache veggies from Mexico. (did you have to be there for that one?) (for all of these?)
29. I really didn't have to say anything that I felt or needed on this trip. Every time my sister said something it was what I had just been thinking. It was strange. We also sigh/sniff/snort/talk in sync a lot.
30. I had to tell her to stop doing funny stuff because I was sick of writing it down.
31. There were 5 of us in the car when Annie drove it up on the block. We were the Italienettes. And people liked us.
32. People are very serious at auctions, before, during, and even after, the gavel hits. We were not so serious before, during or after. We don't have poker faces, I guess. We were the only ones in the staging area laughing like hyenas, talking to everyone and having a blast. Many, many people stopped and commented on it. We did not act cool on stage AT ALL. As soon as I knew my Dad had broken even I started smiling. And then, with every 25K I would smile at him and rub his shoulder. HAHAHAHA. Lots and lots of smiles. (Our lips were stuck to our teeth so kind of we had no choice for some of them.)

Okay, I have to stop now because I'm cold. Both of my kids are sleeping, how luxurious. I have more for my list and I promise, with God as my witness, that I will finish it. My pictures will come soon from my dad, Annie and my Aunt Marlene.


  1. omygosh honey....i can totally picture it all. isn't it wonderful to have a crazy family????? several of these entries made me laugh out loud.....i mean lol :( you guys are the most fun people in the world, i just wish so much that your brother could have been there, then it would have been truly perfect, hmmmm? ma

  2. oh it sound like so much fun!

  3. I am soooooo happy that you had a good time and it is great to have you back. I know that you are sorry you missed the -7 that it was here while you where gone;)

  4. I haven't seen you in forever so I thought I'd check in on your blog and I'm so glad I did. I have been laughing my butt off at your funny list. You are hilarious!!! My favorites are #7 and #28. I am so happy that you had so much fun.


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