pollyanna rides again (on the Thunderbird Italien)

So, I survived. Patrick got home and we hustled those over-tired kids off to bed so fast they didn't know what hit them. Ruby was up 3x last night with a raging fever and James joined us at some point because he wanted to tuddle. He's got his 4 yr check today and I'm glad I'll be able to have Ruby's ears looked at, too. Who knows, maybe my girl has her first ear infection. (A friend emailed me yesterday saying both of her kids got ear infections at the end of this long, drawn out illness so I'm thinking, maybe?)

A couple things helped me recover yesterday afternoon. First, the thought came to me as I was coming down the stairs: What if my kids were sick, really sick, all the time. What if we had to deal with some long term medical issue? Just a friendly reminder for me to thank God every day for our good health. This 7 day stretch of sick kids has been kind of wearing on me but it's going to pass. Thank you.

(I'm not saying that it's not okay to be tired and frustrated sometimes, as I think it is. But it makes me more tired and frustrated if I continue to stay in that place, you know?)

Moving on. The second thing that helped me feel better was my dad calling. I could hear his huge smile as he told me about what's been going on down there. The camera crew following him and interviewing him is from Barrett-Jackson. They are recording for their show "Life on the Block" that will feature him and air next December, before 2009's auction. He is going to be mic'd during the auction Saturday night, too. I will have to remember not to squeal or snort with excitement if I'm standing next to him. (And I will be standing next to him, this is my one shot, people!) (kidding.) He said he has the best display spot for the car in the whole place and that Barrett is definitely doing their part to sell the car.

I am SO excited that I get to be there for this. I started out being so excited to be there for the auction, then started focusing on the time away for me, and now am just thrilled about both aspects. I will do a post on Thursday with the official lot # of his car and stuff if anyone wants to tune in. I know it will be on the Speed channel, this Saturday night, at around 6pm. We will be the group in the matching white sweatshirts. (not. kidding.) (my dad likes sweatshirts.)

We watched Dreamgirls last night. Well, I did. Patrick lost interest during the 100th song and went downstairs. I did think it was kind of boring and hokey but I loved the singing. Jennifer Hudson & Beyonce are amazing. (I've always liked me some Beyonce.)

While I was watching, I started a simple apron for my sister. Yesterday morning I was looking through this little notebook I used to take with me to Barnes & Noble to record good ideas, recipes, etc. Found on a list of things to try someday: embroidery, make sister an apron. This list was from 2002. Better late than never!


  1. I think you and I maight be working from the same list--except you're ahead!

    Hope the check-up goes well!

  2. can't wait to watch for the whole clan- such a wonderful thing for your dad, and to think you'll be there to share- that's pretty awesome!


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