ruby's tuesday

S: Ruby, did you go poopers?
R: No.
S: Ruuuuuby. (said in that mother way.)
R: Baby Doll!
S: Your baby went poopers?
R: Yeah. (reaches down to feel baby) Bum squishy.

I am changing her, after chasing her down.

R: YET GO YEG! (let go leg!)

Her longest sentence so far, I think:

R: Where are you little baby doll?

I love that she calls her smooshy green baby "little baby doll" and all the others are just "baby doll." The doll part is new...I think Kelsey must have taught her that. She is also saying "hedgehog" which sounds an awful lot like hot dog and is so cute.

I am bored, can you tell? Contemplating a new tote for my trip.


  1. Ha! Love the end note "Bored, can you tell?" Ruby looks so priceless in this picture!


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