I feel really lost without my camera. There was one other instance, right after Ruby was born, where I was without a camera for a couple weeks but other than that I've had a digital with me since Christmas of 1999. (thanks Dad.)

I found chargers on ebay so I'm going to order one. It won't be here in time for my trip so I have to make sure that Annie will have hers. This pity party should end soon, promise.

In other sad, but really very happy, news...Thomas & Erin have bought a house! It's north of Minneapolis and looks amazing. They really wanted this and I am soooo happy for them and so excited to go and stay for a month this summer. (hahahahhahahha! kidding, you guys.) The sad part is that Thomas isn't going to Barrett with us. I understand all too well the financial tug of buying a home but he will be missed.
(Ruby really misses Uncle Muss. She mentions him quite often and now calls all of our Thomas the Tank Engine stuff Uncle Muss trains. :) )

Ruby still has a pretty bad cold. Her cough never got as bad as James but she is pretty miserable overall. She is also fairly sweet & cuddly so it hasn't been too bad. James is pretty fine, as he would say, but is still staying in his jammies all day. This is very telling of his energy level because this boy normally pops out of bed and has his "morning clothes" on before he leaves his room.

I was gone all day yesterday...bookstore, thrift store, Lazy Janes for a scone, and a haircut. Very nice. My hair is cute and I really like my stylist. (I've mentioned her before.) We are friends now and I haven't had that with a stylist since I lived in Eau Claire. I also used my new bag and almost teared up when two girls in line in front of me at Lazy Jane's complimented me on it and asked where I got it.

Isn't it funny how making something can make you feel so happy? It doesn't really matter what...a good meal, a quilt, scrapbook pages, a beautiful picture, a new tote is just so satisfying. (I know, duh, right? but it is just strikes me sometimes.)

What else can I b&m*/be happy about? Oh, probably nothing right now. Patrick had to work half a day today so my children are wanting me. I got another HUGE stack of good books from the library yesterday, and another long list of ones to put on hold from b&n, so all I want to do is go read. I might make a pincushion. Okay, xoxo to all you sweethearts.

*bitch & moan


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