James crawled into our bed at some point last night...maybe around 2:30am. He was thirsty so I went and got him a big glass of OJ and he chugged it down and settled in next to me. I noticed he was pretty warm. Hmmmm. I said a silent prayer of thanks that he had kept the orange juice down and started to slip back under. I heard a thunder-like rumbling and suddenly feel a rain of orange bile splash across my face. Apparently I wasn't thankful enough. haha.

His fever was nearly gone by this morning and he's kept everything down so far. I don't know what caused the fever but I think the puking was just all that OJ in too fast. He's sleeping on the chaise in the living room now. He told Ruby to go away because he was tired. This is definitely a first and she didn't like it much.

Remember how much I said we like blankets? Yeah, well. I don't like them nearly as much when they're all piled up in front of my washing machine.


  1. i'm really sorry to hear about the orange juice projectile.......i do remember the blankets though.....actually the last time wasn't that long ago, remember? and YOU were the source :)
    you never even told me that you threw a truck at ruby's are a real piece of work.....with love, your mother


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