sunday evening

Oh, what a lazy weekend we had. It was so nice. Yesterday we stayed in all day, taking naps and eating, until we finally ventured out after dinner for a walk. It was a mild evening and James was happy to wear his head lamp the whole time. The playground, in the dark with lots of snow, is a pretty fun place to be. It's never as much fun on the way home so we were glad we brought the wagon.

We slept in this morning until 8:30. Very nice but of course it would have to be on the one day we wanted to get up for church. After vowing to set our alarm next week we decided to stay home instead of rushing. Patrick took the kids outside to build a huge snowman and we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. Our babysitter came for the first time this afternoon and we wanted the house to look nice. Pair that with Christmas stuff needing to come down and there was a lot to do.

I picked up the "New Kelsey", as James calls her (we had a different Kelsey last summer a couple of times,) at 3:00 and brought her back to meet the fam. She is one of the librarian's daughters and looks so much like her mom that I felt like I knew her already. She seems like a nice girl and the kids really seemed to like her. Ruby didn't make a peep when we left...she came over to give me a kiss and trotted off to play. When we got home she gave Kelsey a kiss and said, "Bye Kelsey. Sank!" (that's her thank now...the "you" is implied.)

Patrick & I decided to stick close to home for this first time and tried out a pizza place in the next little town over. They had Spotted Cow on tap and it sure went down easy. This was my favorite kind of place...a cozy little room in an older building with low lights and red & white vinyl tablecloths. The bartender/waiter was an old guy called Butchy that greeted the two women who came in after us each with a kiss on the lips. Go Butchy! Along with all the ambiance came delicious pizza that kind of reminded us of the Orange Bowl. Anyone remember that?

Kelsey has agreed to return and we are planning on seeing Juno at Sundance next weekend. Patrick's never been to the theater (he'll like it, it's beautiful) and we both think that movie looks sooooo good. (okay, me more than him but he agreed it looks funny.) Last night we watched Live Free or Die Hard. Haha. It was enjoyable in the sense that it made me feel like I was a teenager watching Die Hard with my Dad again. Patrick and I both thought the semi/jet scene was a little over the top, even for Bruce Willis.

I keep meaning to post about the day after Christmas that we spent with my darling Grandma, aunties, uncles & cousins. I keep meaning to but I've got all this library bounty upstairs that has been filling up my spare minutes. I found out from Jessie's profile (Jessie from Cakespy ...have you read Cakespy? They are so much fun, go look!) that Bread Alone had a sequel...The Baker's Apprentice. I'm reading that now and have T is for Trespass on standby. I also got Bake Me I'm Yours (eh, just okay), Lawn Boy (really cute, I love Gary Paulsen), and Vintage Halloween Collectibles (droolworthy.) See what I mean? I love me some library.



  1. I missed this post when you initially put it up!!! You MUST read the Baker's Apprentice. Judith Ryan Hendricks is the best. You should read her other book too!


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