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Ruby is the kind of girl who goes to bed easily, if she is not sick or teething, after showing first signs of tiredness. She will ask to give Daddy a kiss at about 7:15 which means she is ready to go night night. It's all very sweet and I am very grateful, blah blah blah. Luckily we learned this about her when she was a baby after struggling to get her to sleep and realizing that she was way overtired.

Kelsey came over yesterday afternoon to watch the kids for a few hours. James & Ruby had both had long naps so we told her to put Ruby down if she seemed tired but otherwise it was fine for her to stay up. We got home at 8 and by the time we started bedtime it was 8:30. At 9:30 Ruby was still up and hollering for me to come back in and hold her. (for the 4th time)

Patrick was downstairs (he's trying to fix his old lap top for me!) and I didn't want to bother him (I really want a lap top and wireless!) so I got Ruby and asked if she wanted to lay down in James' room. James was still awake and thrilled with this. He scooted over and we all laid down, with Ruby in the middle. By this time they were both pretty tired and a little shocked, I think, that I had done this. James kept leaning over and checking Ruby's eyes to see if she was still awake. Ruby was just laying there twirling her hair with a slightly puzzled look on her face. At one point he asked me permission to tell Ruby the parts of her body. I agreed, as did Ruby, and he began with the femur. "This is your femur, Ruby. It's really strong and doesn't bend even when you bend your leg." (cute & who knew he knew what a femur was?!)

They finally fell asleep at around 10. I eventually dozed off and woke up at 11:30 to go back to our bed. Patrick was just coming upstairs for bed and wasn't really sure what had happened. I saw when I got up this morning that he had done all his little protective measures like shutting the upstairs gate, leaving bathroom light on, lots of pillows on the floor by Ruby's side (even though James' mattresses are on the floor) and propping his door wide open. Sweet.

I've always wanted them to sleep together, it just seems so cozy. I don't want them to badly enough to sleep with them myself, so this is perfect. haha. I'm sure this isn't going to happen regularly but it was really good last night. I loved laying there listening to the sound of both of them breathing. sweet dreams.

*photo from a long time ago. a new charger is on the way from hong kong as I type. yay!


  1. i would love to hear them without them knowing to see what they'd talk about until they fell asleep, wouldn't you? Tell james he's the only 4 year old who already knows anatomy :). Keep praying for Thomas and Erin, ok? talk to you later honey, i love you all xo, gramma

  2. a sweet story- i often have daydreams of our two nestled together, and it will probably have to happen when we get on the boat! did you get my email about borrowing winter stuff? i know you've been swamped since coming home- no rush on any of it. and a friend passed on some purple snow coveralls, i'll have to send them to ruby when we're done- so cute!!


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