thunderbird italien auction info & my usual blathering

The Thunderbird Italien Concept Car is auction lot #1306 and will be crossing the block at Barrett-Jackson at around 6pm cst on Saturday, January 19th. This is approximate, any time you check the Speed Channel's coverage it will show you what lot # they are on up in the corner. It doesn't always go exactly in order, as all cars are not televised, but should go pretty much in order.

My sister and I just talked and agreed that even though neither one of us sounds very excited, we both are. I called her earlier today to see what magazines I should get at B&N and she was on her way to B&N to get magazines, too. We'd hate to have 2 copies of the latest US...what a waste of funds.

I can't believe that I get to get off of a plane in Chicago tomorrow morning and she will be waiting at my gate. Then we get to hang out for a while (squeal over the fact that she is engaged and her ring) and fly to Phoenix together. My dad & his girlfriend, Mari, will meet us at the airport in Phoenix. We'll pick up our car, follow them to the hotel, and then head to the auction to watch my uncle Ray's car (Lot #1071, Thunderbird convertible) sell tomorrow night. My aunt & uncle, Marlene & Larry, will be there along with my dad's good friend, Jim.


I decided not to go to the crafty night last night because I was feeling so lousy. Around 5pm James started complaining that his ear hurt. Lots of howling ensued. (how odd to have an older child who can tell you that his ear hurts.) I brought him to a 7:15 appointment at Urgent Care where they found he had an ear infection. sigh.

I'm so tired of this cold! This never ending cold that so many of us in Wisconsin have. Is this anywhere else, this never ending cold? I hope not. I'm glad that all these doctor visits & vomiting & fevers happened while 2 parents were around and really hope that Patrick and the kids will have a good, uneventful weekend. He is going to be alone here with them as we told my mom she didn't have to come all this way for a couple days. Ruby goes to bed for him really well, he has a very sweet system for her, so they'll be fine.

It's the end of the day now and I am super tired and kind of overwhelmed...I haven't even started packing. Eh, who cares? I'd go in my pajamas if it came to that. :) They have Target there.

There have been a few very nice things today. Kate is back from their cruise and I got to talk to her for a long time this morning, Zoe called and offered to let me borrow her camera (so sweet) but I am going to share Annie's, and I do have that stack of new magazines waiting to be broken into tomorrow morning.

I get to get up tomorrow morning, get ready, get in the car and drive to the airport, stopping for a coffee along the way. I get to get out, grab my one bag (& my new tote, of course) and go wait to board. All by myself. insert sigh of happiness here. I do wish Patrick was coming so he didn't have to miss all the auction fun but I am also so excited to just hang out with my sister a little bit, too. And it is warm there! I want to go for a walk for sure.

Okay, done babbling. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Let me know if you see the big auction event...I'm sure I'll be going on and on about it next week. :) xoxo


  1. You deserve this trip honey, i hope you both enjoy every minute. (and come back the daughters of a rich daddy. :) I love you, mama


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