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I never got around to posting a lot of the little things floating around in my head last week. I realize all that little stuff may be boring if you're not me, or my family, but it's that kind of stuff that I want to remember. I like when I just write about our days...the good, the not so good, the mundane, the's all ours and I really feel blessed for every single minute of it. I'm not sure if I want to prolong this at-home-with-small-child business (re: are we done or is there one more in us?) but I know that right now I wouldn't want to do it any other way.

So, onto our lives.

Ruby woke up from her 3.5 hour nap on Friday in such a good mood. She hasn't been herself for a while (kinda lethargic) and it was so fun to hear her giggling again. It was a mild day and so I got us all dressed for outside and we drove over to McKee Farms Park. (It's kinda sad when 32 degrees feels balmy, but it did.) We had to trudge through knee high snow to get to the playground and that was James' favorite word for the rest of the day...we trudged everywhere after that. No one had been there since the big snow the day or two before so we had fresh powder in every direction. James was in heaven and Ruby was pretty content to watch him and kick the "icey" with her little foot every once in a while. He flew down slides into mounds of snow and jumped off everything he could. We stayed for almost an hour and a half and it just felt so good to be outside.

I think we all went to bed early on Friday night as Patrick wasn't feeling well. Oh yeah, I stayed up and finished Gonzo. Hmmmmm. I started this book, stopped it, and then went back to it a couple days later and finished it in the next day and a half. I don't really know what to say about it...I've never read much of Dr. Thompson's work, save for a few Rolling Stone articles, but his life was pretty sad. And pretty glorious. (but mostly sad, if you ask me.) (I've been into memoirs/autobiographies almost all of The Glass Castle today and am looking forward to going up and finishing it.) I'm making a mei tai for a friend and got it all cut out that night, too...that was fun.

Saturday morning was kind of icky. Patrick wasn't feeling well and I was pouting because I wasn't getting anything I wanted. I knew he was sick so I wasn't planning on asking him to babysit or anything but I was hoping we could all do something fun together. The house was a mess and the kids were ornery. Kate called and after much deliberation we finally agreed to meet up for lunch and a performance for the kids at the Overture Center. I felt better as soon as we got out of the house and called Patrick to apologize for being a pill. It was just James & I which is always a nice treat. We had lunch at Noodles and then went over to see Tom Pease perform.

James has never been to a live performance and he didn't like it at all. I told him we were staying and by the end he was laughing in between whining and I caught him singing the songs a few times later that day. Kate said it took Natalie a few times to get over the shock of seeing a grown up acting so silly and so loud and then she started to enjoy herself. I definitely want to take him back for more of these...they have a different performer every Saturday. We went over to Ben & Jerry's afterwards to get some sorbet and the kids ended up jumping all over the floor squares with another little boy who was there. He was a little older and really sweet. It was snowing big fat flakes at this point but we were so close to the thrift store that I had to go. We said goodbye to Kate & Natalie and drove over to SVDP.

(I can hardly look at his flipped over ear in this picture...I hate how that feels!)

James is a lot of fun to shop with...especially at the thrift store where he can't really do any damage. His favorite section is the furniture/tool/misc junk section...he calls it the "rusty stuff." We spent a lot of time in the rusty stuff, a Bowflex was particularly fascinating. I found quite a few books for the kids and a child size rolling pin with green wooden handles. It's not doll sized but child sized, perfect for James & Ruby. It was $10 which is more than I normally spend at the thrift but I immediately fell in love and had to have it. I also got some little wood hearts & popsicle sticks that we are planning to make into Valentine book marks for his classmates...we'll see. Anyways, it was such a nice afternoon.

We stopped at Cub and ended up getting home around 7pm. Patrick was feeling much better and had made his famous hamburgers for dinner.

This morning I got up and did our taxes. We were curious how much we'd get back and were pretty happy with the results. I haven't submitted them yet, I always like to do a little research first, but at least we know a ballpark figure. Later on I went upstairs to read for a while. I ended up falling asleep and woke up when I heard Ruby getting up from her nap. I laid there until Patrick got her (heehee, evil, I know) and quietly continued reading. A while later he came in with another cheeseburger, and shook his head because he knew exactly what I was up to. He left the lunch, closed the door and I read until 4pm. Bliss. It was very relaxing and just what I needed.

We finally got out of the house at 5:15pm and went to Target and Kohl's because Patrick needed new shoes. He wanted to go to DSW but we got there right at closing time. He ended up finding a cool pair at Kohl's, so it's all good. (they're a little trendy and really cute...I love when he surprises me with his good taste) (he hates shopping so I rarely see it except when he desperately needs something or buys me a gift)

I'm forming a busy week in my head and hoping I can get to most of it. A new charger is at the top of the list but may have to wait until Tuesday since I don't really want to go to Madison tomorrow. (I called and they have one at Batteries Plus. I've made fun of that store so many times and yet it still came through for me. It was just there on the corner of the Beltline & Gammon Road, waiting quietly for me to realize the true value of a good battery & charger emporium.)

And now, I'm done. I wish you a good night and sweet dreams. xoxo


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