cleaning day

We are home cleaning today. James is spraying and dusting his heart out and Ruby is being quite the little mother to her baby dolls. Kate & Natalie are coming over tomorrow to watch the kids for us and I didn't want her sitting in a sty all day with 3 kids. (grounds for despair, if you ask me) This kind of prompted a real cleaning fit which I haven't had in a long time...feels good.

I just took a little break to call Charter. Our On Demand feature hasn't worked for a few days and I finally broke down and called them so the kids could watch Blue's Clues. It was an automated female voice who was telling me to do stuff and then having me respond with "yes," "no," or "continue." James decided to be a pill and was turning the TV on after I turned it off and hollering in the background, etc. I kept saying "continue" to miss automatic and then yelling something at James like"knock it off!" or "get away from me!" Miss A. would then say, "I'm sorry, please just say 'continue' when you are finished" and I am all like "CONTINUE. I SAID CONTINUE," yelling at her. And then she would repeat herself because I guess computers ARE like people and they respond much better to civility. They should program her to say, "I'm sorry, but that tone isn't working for me. I'll be happy to CONTINUE when you can use your normal voice." #$%*!@

Okay, so where was I? Oh yes, the fun cleaning day. I need some more coffee. xoxo

p.s. Oh yeah, there are some more pics from James' preschool over on flickr. Just click over there--->


  1. Stephanie, this post cracked me up. I've been there sister. ;0)

  2. Oh man, this made both of us laugh. I HATE those automated things because It makes them impossible to use.


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