flip flop fevah

Allright. I had to hold myself back at Target last night. They have all the cute new flip flops out and I wanted at least 4 pairs of them. I will probably get my favorite one soon, while they still have my size in stock. (this first pair is my favorite)

(I could make these ones, if I really wanted to) (I don't.)
(and probably these ones, too) (but what fun is that?)
(James will absolutely never wear these Cars ones.)

(He'll probably end up with these again, which he's fine with.)

Did you know I had flip flop phobia until almost 2 years ago? My sister came to visit when Ruby was a baby and talked me into buying some...I've never looked back. I always thought I'd hate that thing between my toe (like toe socks...HORRIBLE) but I actually really like it.


  1. This is too funny because I HAVE DEVELOPED FLIP FLOP PHOBIA.
    I can't stand them now. So, you may have my share.

  2. I can't wear anything else. Many many years of deep love for the flipflops. Brown Rainbow brand flipflops, specifically.


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