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I rarely go out on Mondays but this morning I decided we'd meet our friends at a McDonald's with a play area nearby. I got us all up, dressed and fed and got my shoes on to go start the van. Couldn't find the keys. sigh. Call Patrick, no answer. I figured he must have accidentally brought them to work because he used them last night. He called to confirm a while later. James was upset for about 4 minutes until I grudgingly agreed to go play in the basement with them. The morning kind of flew by and when Ruby took her nap James & I got a good start on his valentines. The mother in me wants him to write his name as well as I know he can but that takes a lot of effort and there are 20 valentines...I'd rather have him do them, no matter what they look like, so crazy little letters is what they get. We also glued little wooden hearts to popsicle sticks to make bookmarks for his friends...he can paint them or decorate however he'd like to tomorrow. Kind of fun.

On Saturday morning I mixed up this bread recipe that Ellen told me about, from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day, and it's been sitting in our fridge ever since. That's okay, I guess it's better to work with after it ages a bit. I baked a loaf up this morning and while it didn't get quite done in the very middle, the crust and outer layer is delicious. I used 4 C of white whole wheat flour and 2.5 C of white flour so the dough was much denser than the original recipe. I found the book's website and added some more water to the dough as suggested but should have obviously added even time I will. The smell while it was baking almost killed me it was so good, and James and I ate quite a bit of it already with butter (me) & sunbutter (him.) I had commented on the blog asking if I could bake the bread on a cookie sheet with parchment instead of a pizza stone and Zoe (one of the authors) commented back right away and answered me (yes) and then asked how it came out. How lovely of her!

We will be having steak with roasted potatoes and asparagus for dinner with a nice slab of homemade crust on the side...yummy. (I should be saving this "fancy" dinner for Valentine's Day but the asparagus might not be around that long...I think Thursday will be pizza.) xoxo

Oh yeah, a couple other things:
**Patrick and I pretended to be sleeping when James crawled into our bed on Sunday morning. He got himself situated and started sounding out the word SNACK. First he figures out the sounds: "sssssss nu nu a-a - a- a ku ku ku" and then picks the right letters, which he decided were: "S N U K." Very cute.

**One of James' favorite things is eating a hot dog at the Target snack bar. Last night we told him no and he started hollering, "But this is one of my DREAMS, Mom!"

Reach for the stars, little one.


  1. yum! My loaf is rising on the counter right now (a new and much-beloved morning tradition). John likes it doughy, so I tend to undercook the middle too. It worked well on the cookie sheet, eh? So glad!

  2. Kids say the darndist things, eh? I was watching Addy and Logan this weekend and I asked Addy during dinner how her dinner was - she smacked her forehead with her hand, shook her head and said, "it's just great" as dramatic as you can imagine. :)


  3. heehee, that's cute Lindsey. :)


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