I'm not sure what it is with us & Fridays but things seem to always conspire to keep us in. We were going to meet our friends at a coffee shop this morning but miss Ruby needed her nap early so we couldn't go. I am really hoping we can head out midday as I feel like I need some fresh air. Everything is plowed so maybe a walk will be okay...before the 2 degree temps arrive again. brrrrr. James and I are about to start in on the Legos but I thought I'd pop down here for a few minutes first.

I bought some pricey dried cherries at last week because I am on a mission to find the perfect granola bar recipe. I didn't get to them this week and I needed some fruit for my muesli so the granola bars will have to wait. I got a bunch of walnuts on clearance at Target after the holidays, and while they are not my favorite nut, I figured I could make do. (oh, how I suffer, right?) I toasted them this morning before grinding them up and oh, what a difference it made. So now I've got a big batch of dried cherry & toasted walnut muesli. Yummy.

I got out our potty for Ruby this morning as she always wants to go up and sit on the toilet lately. (she has never done anything in it but I'm sure not going to stand in her way) It's a little big for her tiny bum so, darn it, I may have to go buy one of those adorable Bjorn potties. James & I kept telling her she was doing it wrong but she wouldn't keep her little feet out of that bowl. silly girl.

I started sewing my little heart garland. My original plan was to stuff each of these. HA! After doing 2 of them I have a little bit better idea how to sew them up but stuffing is definitely out of the question. I think after a good iron & starching that they will be really cute hanging all in a row. We'll see, I love these fabrics, though, so it's fun to be sewing with them. Earlier this week I went to the quilt shop in Madison with Zoe and they had this little pack of 4.5" squares left over from a valentine's quilt they had on display...I knew for $2.50 that I had to have them.


  1. these fabric?????

    p.s. i'll be w/thomas and erin this week-end, but i'll have my cell so don't hesitate to call me :) i miss you guys so much. please remind the kids the have a gramma who loves them, ok? oh....too bad about the charger,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. hong-kong-phooey is right. it it really nice to see some pictures again. nice job on the potty ruby....keep trying

  2. Thanks for catching that typo, mom. xo

  3. LOL! At least she is sitting on the potty chair. That's a start, huh?



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