hello out there...

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Wow, what a day. This picture I took on Saturday is very representative of how I'm feeling...like I was hit by a truck.

There are good things, though, and I'm clinging to them:

Patrick is home from work. The "few hours" of work that he left for Sunday morning. Yup, they pulled an all nighter and then some. sigh.

Ruby is fine. She may still puke if something doesn't agree with her currently delicate stomach but she has been given the all clear otherwise. Our doc said kids can have sensitive stomachs for up to 14 days after a virus.

We had excellent steak salads with spinach, avocado, shredded jack, tomatoes and baby portabellas for dinner.

Both kids (and the husband) are sleeping. I am headed up soon.

I am reading The Tender Bar and really, really liking it. It took a few pages to grab me but I'm glad I stuck with it. There have been 4 or 5 lines that I would have liked to have been my own...that's a lot for one book. (edited because this sounds wrong...I just mean lines that were so perfect that they were like a thought I had but could never get out that well. do you know what I mean?)

I'm really happy with how Susan's mei tai is turning out. Maybe I'll have some pictures of it tomorrow.

We survived today. And tomorrow is a new one, thank God.

sweet dreams! xoxo


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