hong kong phooey

So, the charger DOES NOT WORK.

The new (and relatively uncharged) battery I got works and has 15 minutes left of time on it. I managed to snap a few pictures and will ration myself with the remaining minutes. I'll probably order another one today, from someone else. The seller I got this one from has excellent feedback so I just must have got a bad one. I'd have to pay $7 to send it back so I have to see if he pays to send me a new one or if I do. What a pain!

Anyways, here are the pics. xoxo

(see that pillow in the middle? guess who?)
(the new sewing area & a valentine theme garland I'm thinking of)
(ruby, just up from her nap yesterday)
(I love, love, love old diner china...some of my favorites, finally on display)
(the kids, this morning)
(the snow, this morning)


  1. Oh I'm so glad to see some pics up!!! I heard about the snow, I'm so jealous!


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