I'm ready for a new banner

but this isn't it. I really love this picture, and these little jars of vintage decorations, but I need something that goes all along the top...it felt too bare up there.


  1. sorry i keep missing you honey.....work has been wild:) you might want to try at about 2:45 today, but i won't promise i'll be back. i'll try.
    i think the kids valentine pkg. might be a day late as i didn't get it in the mail til this a.m.. i did send it priority but it will probably take more than a day. sorry. tell them they are my valentines anyway, ok? well, i have to run. talk to you soon. i love and miss you all. me

  2. I love the banner that you have, but when you changed it I could not remember what it was;) (two kids will do that to you). Good luck finding another.


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