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I got the CD on Saturday, Dad. Thank you!! If I could get a half an hour or so I would post them all...hopefully tonight.

We are doing good. We all got out yesterday which was really, really fun. It was sunny and warm (ha! 28 did feel warm) and we had a nice time. The kids both were sleeping by 6;15pm and Patrick and I had a relaxing night together. Then Ruby puked all over at 2:30am. sigh. When will this pass?

Patrick is at work now for a few hours and I am going slightly mad. I can't wait for him to get home so I can go have some time to myself.



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  2. The sickness seems to drag on forever over here too this year.

    (And what is up with Jack suddenly getting into everything??? He got into a lot less crap when he was a toddler.)

  3. Hey, my husnamd was totally psyched to learn all about your Dad's concept car. He POURED over the pics and videos. It was really fun for him. BTW, my little boy is 20 months old, and time is JUST FLYING!

  4. I know! Ruby is 21 months. It is such a fun age. :)


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