Rural school children, San Augustine County, Texas (LOC)

If you love old photos, you'll love this: The Library of Congress photos on flickr.

If you love new photos of kids in the tub and green smoothies, you'll love this: my photos on flickr.

Just a quick update: The vomiting has mostly stopped and they are keeping liquids, bananas (james), and animal crackers (ruby) down. I am exhausted, as is Patrick, because these little pukers had us up at least once an hour last night. James kept creeping into the bathroom or down to the kitchen to sneak water! All of a sudden we'd hear a chair drag across the kitchen floor or the bathroom door click shut and one of us would haul ourselves out of bed to go haul him back to his. About 15 minutes later he would moan and his illicit score would show itself on his pillow. I'm thinking tonight will be better as pretty much anything would be. :)


  1. It really sucks to have to say not to water. Elijah had a couple of nights like that, it is heart breaking to say no to water. I hope today will be better.


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