so glad I wasn't born into a polygamist cult

This weekend I read Escape by Carolyn Jessup. It was one of those creepy deals where reading it makes you kind of sick but you can't put it down. I am just amazed that this cult is still together and operating in Texas. I think Ms. Jessup was on Oprah when the book came out...I wish I would have seen it. She is an incredibly brave woman and a mother to 8 children.

In happier book news, we have a few great books from the library right now. Can you believe I never had read Where The Wild Thing Are to James? I hadn't, but have now and he likes it. We also have Racer Dogs again, a long time favorite...I could look at the illustrations forever, and The Incredible Book Eating Boy. The illustrations in Book Eating Boy are so clever. The author and artist *Oliver Jeffers uses pages & text of old books to draw his illustrations on and as part of the illustrations themselves. A favorite of mine shows curtains made from a page of a book. These are the types of books I like to get at the library because I find myself calling the kids over to read more often.

Does anyone else have any new favorites?

*go look at his personal's amazing!


  1. we just started reading "Where the Wild Things Are" last year. I had never read it before myself!
    love oliver jeffers!

  2. Olivia is fun to read- by Ian Falconer, anything by the Lobels, Arnold and Anita, Ruth Krauss is wonderful, Leo Lionni I could read all day . . . there are so many. Mo Willems! Have you read Leonardo the Terrible Monster, or Knuffle Bunny. Both are awesome.


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