stellar parenting

Ruby, my innocent little babe of 20 months, is eating stale Gingersnaps and playing with marbles. I better hurry as I am sure my guilt will kick in any minute. (right?)

Surprise! It's snowing! It's still really cold but warmer than the 6 we got up to yesterday. Today I am buying a new charger, going to the bank, picking up a recording of Barrett that Vicki made for me and then mailing it to my father (turns out it is the only copy he will have on DVD...all hail Vicki!), dropping off the water bill, picking up James from school, returning home to face the debilitating piles of laundry and dishes that have mounted up since Friday (for the laundry) and yesterday (for the dishes.) I have a few pictures to share and then I am off to read books to my tiny little tiny munchy mooshy girl.

James helps out with the demand for reading sometimes:

James found this glitter glue at the thrift store for 50 cents, we love it:
James spinning Ruby around and around:

Now that I wrote those captions it is becoming clear to me that I am putting a lot of responsibility onto James' little 4 year old shoulders. Reading, shopping, entertaining. Hmmmm. I wonder where I could have learned this pattern of behavior?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. hee.



  1. Marbles and gingersnaps.....great combo! *Crunchy* hee hee

    Love the pic of James reading to lil miss.



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