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Ruby is fine. Her rash is fading already (pretty much gone from her face) and there is no ear infection lingering on. She had some virus and I guess getting a rash after a few days of fevers is pretty common. Huh. You learn something new every baby.

I had a lovely nap this afternoon in my freshly rearranged bedroom. There are new sheets on the bed (we desperately needed them and I found a King set at Target in November for $16...400 thread count!) and a nice little sewing area in front of the window for me. I'm liking it...we'll see if Patrick does. I'm not worried, though, he is usually pretty receptive to change. (especially when it's already done. ha!)

I'm going to make lemon-cornmeal waffles & bacon for dinner and maybe a fresh pot of coffee, just a cups worth. (what punctuation did I need there?)

These days of being a mom, mostly in the house, with one or more sick kids, are wearing on me. I feel this anxiety creep in that I haven't felt in sooooo long. Thank God I am on depression meds or I think I'd be going absolutely crazy right about now. As it is, I'm feeling mostly good with some moments of utter despair thrown in. (see, right now is good.)

We had a crazy night Saturday night (read: kids up, both of them, a lot) and when I finally fell back to sleep at about 4am I had the strangest dream. Someone in my home (there were no kids in this dream, just Patrick and I and some other random people) brought this alien inside. The rule was that once you had this alien inside you had to take care of it and do whatever it said, forever. It was kind of demanding and mean sometimes. We felt very trapped. you think this represents anything, doctor? HAHAHAHAHA. Do you think I was feeling a little discouraged with my role as a parent that night? heehee.

Patrick got his ice diving certification so he is good to go. He fully understands how important it is to tie a line around his waist when he goes under the ice now. It only took 8 classroom hours and $180.00 for them to teach him this. I teased him mercilessly about this all weekend but he really did have a good time and is very happy that he's added another start to his chart. (or whatever divers call it)


  1. As a mom of three who are just getting over the double treat of strep throat and flu at the same time, I feel for ya'! Hope things are looking up for your family soon!

  2. Is that Ruby's ultrasound? So beautiful- really disappointed I didn't get a good pic of Rosy. Maybe there will be another chance (though I hope not!)


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