you're not going to believe this

but I got to leave the house yesterday! I know, isn't it crazy?! AND THEN?! I got to go grocery shopping BY MYSELF and came home to a quiet house with everyone ASLEEP. I thought I was dreaming until I slipped on the ice in the garage while carrying in over $200 worth of groceries. But I didn't care! I was alone!

And then I went to bed and had an actual dream that my dad, who recently sent us a big fat check, wanted that check back. And I was okay with that. See how happy I was? (Dad, this was just a dream, so don't get any ideas.) I have been wanting to write another post about Barrett-Jackson with video! and pictures! and I think I'll get my copy of the CD that has all of those in the mail today. I can't wait to see them! I think it was obvious how much I loved my trip to Arizona. As it gets farther away I keep loving it more...on so many levels. And then my Dad went and shared the monetary love with us and I just about exploded in happiness. Thanks Dad. We really & truly are so grateful for your generosity. (Oh, and by the way, what kind of car are you working on now?!) HAHAHAHAHA.

Ruby is a beast today and I say that with a lot of love. She is also perfect and patted Patrick on the arm this morning and said, "Hi Dad. Yike you." I am counting the minutes until her nap.

James has been helping me put groceries away all morning, arranging cabinets and what not. Yesterday, he decided to move some lighter furniture around in his room during quiet time. And he just came down here and suggested we move some stuff around as it's kind of messy. Hmmmm. He might be picking up some of my organizational habits.

I put their easel together yesterday afternoon. The easel they got for, hello!, Christmas! It's cute but I don't love it for one reason: Ruby. I prefer her art (paint, markers) to be done at the table where there is a tiny bit of containment. Maybe I could tie her leg to the easel. (with something soft, of course.) I'll have to think about that.

Anyways, good bye for now and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!


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  2. Great blog, I love it, and put a link to it on mine. Barret Jackson? What's the scoop? DH is an avid BJ fan. BTW your kids are precious!


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