c'mon kids, let's do a puzzle!

I found this old puzzle at D&S a few weeks ago. I had no idea if all the pieces were in there but figured it was worth a shot. "Hmmm," I thought, "must be about pigs or something as it's called Jiggety Jig, this might be fun for James." I set it on my printer, right here by the computer, until we could find some spare time to put it together.

One day I glanced over at it and noticed some writing on the side that I hadn't seen before.

um, yeah. Super glad I caught that. Can you just imagine James as we put the last piece in to place?!

(dear Erin, our little puzzle lover, would you like to put it together at Easter? I'd be happy to bring it along!)


  1. I would love to, you know how I am about puzzles and coupons. Thanks, see you soon.


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