cuppie love

I've been reading and adoring the cakespy blog for a while now and had really wanted to order something from Mrs. Cakespy's etsy shop but couldn't decide just what. One day I saw these appear and ordered them about 1 second later. I love them, they totally crack me up. My mom must have had the Valley of the Dolls book around when I was a kid or something because the image is so familiar to me.

If you've never read cakespy you have to go check it out. Jessie, Mrs. Cakespy, is creative and hilarious and so talented. And you know what else? She is so nice! She always responds to comments (unlike me...sorry) and seems to be having so much fun with what she's doing. You can read her blog here, buy her art here, and see her flickr stream here. So much cuppie love! (this was one of my favorite funny!)

I have 5 cards that I'd like to send out to anyone who would like one. Leave me a comment and email your address to stephaniekg AT yahoo DOT com and I'll get one in the mail for you.


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