glad we got that cleared up

A: Hi, this is Andrea. Please leave a message.
S: Hey seester. Call me back.

S: Hey Thomas. Did you call?
T: Uh, yeah, I think so. Maybe yesterday.
S: What's up?
T: I can't remember. I guess I was just going to tell you I talked to Andrea. Have you talked to her?
S: No, not yet. She called but I didn't talk to her yet.
T: Oh, well I did, she's coming Thurs-Mon.
...we chat for a minute...
S: Oh, that's my call waiting. I bet it's Andrea. Talk to you later.

S: Hello?
A: Hi!
S: What's up? I saw that you called but didn't listen to your message yet. I was just talking to Thomas.
A: What did he have to say?
S: That he talked to you & that you're coming Thurs-Mon.
A: Oh.
...we chat for a minute...
S: Well, I have to get the kids out of the tub.
A: Yeah, I have to go too. I really just called to tell you I had talked to Thomas.
S&A: hahahahhahahahahhahaha!
S: Well, okay. I'm going to go call Mom now and I'll call you when I'm done and let you know I talked to her.
S&A: hahahahhahahahhahahahaha!


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