good stuff today, wednesday

(looks can be deceiving)
  1. I'm really excited to go to the Twin Cities next week and see everyone. Thomas & Erin are hosting Easter in their new home and my parents, Annie & Ronan are all going to be there. Erin manages a brand new hotel and scored TWO rooms for me & the kidlets and my mom at a super rate. (thanks Erin!) Patrick decided to stay home and get started on the lower level while we're not all underfoot. We'll miss him but HOO-RAY! We also have lots of delicious family in that area and I cannot wait to see everyone. Some day I'll have to tell you all about my cousins Jessica, Sarah & Eryn. xoxo And Auntie Lee, of course, and Uncle Ben & Isaac. (I love my family so much) We are also going to the Mall of America. I haven't been there in years and am looking forward to taking the kids to Underwater World.
  2. Tonight I'm hosting craft night. I wanted to make a delicious treat but will instead settle with store bought brownies. I burned a batch of bar cookies last night and that's all she wrote on that front. Brownies it is! Oh yeah, and that fabulous beer dip. But, mostly, people are coming to craft. Patrick keeps asking me when my vegan, tree-hugging craft group is coming over. ?? He gets the strangest ideas in his little head.
  3. Oh, maybe his ideas come from the fact that Zoe invited me to a lesbian quilting weekend even though I am neither a lesbian or a quilter. Heehee, I am kidding. It's a quilting weekend put on by her church which is gay friendly (UCC) but it's not specifically a rainbow quilting weekend. She called and asked if I could still come even though I wouldn't be quilting. They sighed and said they supposed so. It's next September at some camp and the idea of a whole weekend to sew in the woods with like-minded women (and one friend) sounds really fun. I imagine getting a jump start on my Christmas gifts. (we'll see.) (so maybe patrick got lesbian confused with vegan and the camp part made him think tree hugging?? who knows.)
  4. I switched to half & half a while ago and am a little sad. I miss my partially hydrogenated Vanilla creamer more than I thought I would. boo hoo. I have been buying flavored beans but it's just not the same. I had a peppermint white mocha from Starbucks yesterday and almost wept with joy. I remember that feeling now and hold tight to it knowing that someday I will taste it again.

Allright, I'm sad now. I knew I shouldn't have brought up the creamer. Must buck up and head to the library & grocery store. After all, #8 on my to do list for the day is have fun with kids. :) xoxo


  1. Ooohhhhh, craft night sounds like fun! Can I come? I am a die hard 1/2 and 1/2 fan (even though it doesn't sit well with me while pregnant). Hmmm.. pep white mocha? I haven't tried that one. I like the cinnamon dolce latte. Yum!

  2. I am soooo excited about the quilting weekend as well and think that 6 months is to long to wait. I would feel bad if you already knew what you where going to do, it might make me feel sorry I invited you;) Just kidding.

  3. Oh you CRACK me up with your vegan-crafting-not-a-lesbian-not-a-quilter-brownie eating-self.

    So, why did you give up your creamer? Is it because of the "Stuff" in it? I ask because I heart the Coconut Creme and might go slightly mad if I couldn't drink it. Can I just cut back? :)

  4. Holly, About the creamer. Yeah, it's the "stuff" in it. I just didn't think I should be putting that into my body first thing every morning. ?? But, I miss it. (I like the coconut creme, too)


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