grocery budget breakdown #2

I have been getting so many emails asking about our grocery budget that I figured I better give an update.


But really, I haven't forgotten about this already, I've just been so busy posting about the other fascinating aspects of our lives.


My totals are a little higher than they would have been because on Saturday I purchased enough snacks to get the kids and I safely to to San Diego, even though we're only going as far as Minneapolis. (I hadn't been to Target in a few weeks and I ended up going a little crazy...I have to admit it was fun.) So for the last month (31 days...figuring Patrick is set until next Monday) we've spent $550.00 at the grocery store, $125.00 eating out and about $75.00 on snacks/groceries for our trip. (I did buy a lot of stuff for the kids to eat in the wasn't all cheetos.) Wow...about $250 less than the last month I counted! I'm really happy. I think the biggest change has been from Patrick bringing his lunches (he's actually keeping a fridge in his office stocked with sandwich supplies & fruit) and watching the trips to the drive through. $35 of that $125 was just at Famous Dave's on Sunday, too. I'm sure I'll be getting some Starbucks on the drive tomorrow (and throughout the weekend) but that comes from our vacation fund and doesn't count. :)

Finally, for my reference, here is the breakdown from my last big grocery shop:

Snacks: 21.00
Produce: 38.00
Meat: 58.00
Baking: 2.00
Dry: 15.00
Soy: 22.00
Dairy: 41.00
Bread: 6.00
Lunch Stuff: 17.00
Froz Fruit: 7.00 =$227.00

I'm not going to breakdown what I spent after this as I am not that uptight. (allright, I totally would have but I can't find my darn receipt!) I do know it was mostly on soy & dry goods, though.

And now, finally, I will put you out of your misery and end this. xoxo


  1. Good for you for tracking AND congrats on your savings. It's the mindless spending, odds and ends here and there that gets us.

    Why does healthier food cost more???!!?

  2. I'm afraid I find this all somewhat interesting.
    But I'm confused. Is it part of a larger project to reduce spending?

  3. bb - Um, not to really reduce spending but to stop blowing money on coffee, lunches out, etc, so we have more for the stuff that's important to us.

    holly - I know! Next time I want to try to buy all our groceries at Trader Joe's & Whole Foods and see how much more it is. :)

  4. Do you mean Whole Paycheck? It would be MUCH more. Good for you for working on it. We are also and it is nice to be able to spend more wisely.

  5. Gosh, good for you for taking the time to break it all down--smart. We are bad, we live right next to a gourmet grocery and I have to be honest, there are times I don't even look at the receipts. :-(


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