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I attended that budget seminar at church by myself a few weeks ago because Ruby had such bad diaper rash that we just couldn't leave her with Kate, so Patrick stayed home. (she had pooped in the middle of the night and not woken up...ouchies.)

Anyways, it was good. Not great, not exactly what I wanted, but good. I know how to budget (not that I do) and have read Dave Ramsey (would like to read more) but I really wanted to talk more about the spiritual side of finances. It was a good start, though, and did encourage us to start on a better path and consider what God wants us to be doing with our money on a more regular (striving for daily) basis.

While I was there that morning I added up what we had spent on food & eating out from our January bank statement...$900.00!! Holy cow! No wonder it feels like we don't have any money...we're eating & drinking it all. (and that didn't include the groceries we got at Target because I wasn't sure which transactions were food and which were that other crap that I always NEED at it was probably more like $1000.00) Anyways, that seems like a ton to me.

I want my food budget to be at $100.00/wk but I don't think that is realistic for us right now so I set it at $125.00/wk for these first two weeks to see how it went. It went pretty good! We've spent $256.00 and are good until Wednesday (at least) when Patrick gets paid again. (we actually still have a lot of frozen fruit, soy milk, and meat)

For my own reference, here is a breakdown of where the money went. I find this interesting and if you have any desire to break down your own grocery bill, let me know...I'd love to come and see.

Soy (milk & yogurt) 38.00
Dairy (incl OJ, eggs) 37.00
Patrick's lunch stuff 21.00
Snacks 23.00
Canned/Dry Goods (incl coffee) 28.00
Baking Supplies 6.00
Bread 13.00
Produce 29.00
Frozen Fruit (smoothies) 11.00
Other Frozen 11.00
Meat 39.00

(if this doesn't add up, I'm sorry...can't check, ruby's bed time!)

I'm going to keep posting on this and our other budget stuff as we go along...I know, thrilling. :)



  1. Food in Florida was pretty damn cheap. Here in Missouri? Pretty damn expensive. And all of these economy forecasts have rather dire predictions for increases in the cost of food. Have you seen those?

  2. We try to stay at $100 a week, and often do. Now that I shop at Fresh and Easy (only in CA, NV and AZ, I think) it is even easier to stay in budget. Unlike a typical grocery store, they don't have all of that crap that you "don't need" but put in your cart anyway. I also plan my menu every Monday, and that helps us stay on track. We also have one "Fend for Yourself Night" a week, which means cereal, or leftovers or whatever is in the pantry.

  3. A really good book on glorifying God with your $ is "The Treasure Principle" by Randy Alcorn. It is short and packed with wisdom. Another awesome book that doesn't have to do with $, but is also short and was life-changing for me..."Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper. Sorry to be a lurker. I've been around for a while. xoxo Sarah

  4. Family of five here, We spend right at 225.00 every other week on groceries. We have cut back on our eating out also. That was killing us!

    MILK prices....ugh!

  5. I wish we had a fresh & easy!

    Thanks for the suggestions, Sarah, and for sharing, Linda & TLS. :)

  6. Good for you for trying to rein in the grocery $$$. I am horrible at keeping track of it, especially stores like Target where things other than food hop into my basket. Good luck!


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