grumble, grumble

I'm cranky & pouting because I was rudely jolted out of sleep by James jumping on me and Ruby hollering. I asked both of them why they don't give Patrick this morning glory as he is RIGHT NEXT TO ME. They both just blinked at me and he scrunched down a little deeper into the blankets. whatever.

Okay. I'm good now. Well, that's a lie. There is still a dark cloud over my head but not so dark that I can't type in a normal tone and mostly mean it. This cloud will surely dissipate as soon as I go make some coffee and hug those little beasts who call me mom and (still) suckle at my breast. Okay, that was a little dark and only one of them is (sigh) still suckling.

Who am I kidding? I don't have time to post right now! James needs some pants with belt loops and Ruby wants MILK! IN! SIPPY!

While I am away joyfully fulfilling my role as a mother, please enjoy these pictures of the Verona Library. It is fairly new and beautiful but painfully lacking in the kids area. Feels like a tomb in there. The Duluth Public Library has an excellent kids area so if you're ever in Duluth, check it out.

xoxo Happy Friday! Stay Sweet! BFF.


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