hahahahahahah, so much patience, hahahhahahah

(by the polar bears)

We met Kate & Natalie at the zoo after preschool today. It was lots of fun until the puddle splashing as that was when James realized his boots are not waterproof. There was much wailing and gnashing of the baby teeth when I wouldn't let him ride in the stroller (instead of Ruby) on the way out. I gave him a choice of cutting it out or having no tv time this afternoon. He couldn't manage to cut it out and when he realized the consequence of his actions, the wailing, teeth gnashing, trying to hit my back (haha, nice try with those mittens, buddy!), trying to tip the stroller over (I got a little mad here), and so on, continued. Ruby also chimed in at this point. So, here I am, pushing a stroller on the ice with one 4 year old going "WAHHHHHH" and "I WANT TV, I WANT TV!" at the top of his lungs and one nearly 2 year old trying to crawl out of her stroller and mimicking her brother's bellowing.

I kept looking at Kate and laughing and later she remarked how I had so much patience. HAHAHHA. All that "patience" was just a smoke screen because inside I was madly thumbing through my mental Love & Logic Handbook looking for the chapter that covers your kid being a total moron in public. I am glad it appears as patience rather than, say, an URGE TO KILL.

Once I got them safely (and very securely) buckled up, James calmed down. He later referenced how sad it was that he doesn't get to watch tv this afternoon but there hasn't been any more wailing, thank goodness.

It was fairly warm today (41) and sunny so I'm glad we got a chance to be outside. Ruby also loved the puddles and was sad when I made her stop "swimming." (there are a few more new pics on flickr!) (they go onto page 2, ma)


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