Well, yesterday was just a tremendously long day. From an early morning trip to the grocery store, where I forgot what I went for and had to go back, to a desperate late afternoon phone call to Patrick, it was a long day.

It was a good day, too, in bits and pieces. Kate came over to watch Ruby while I took James to his pre-K screening. It took twice as long as they said (which really bugged me) but it went well and showed that I do not have an unrealistic idea about James' skill levels. (you know, mothers can tend to lean that way) My answers placed him in the 82nd percentile on this little questionnaire they gave me about his abilities and he scored at the 75th percentile overall on their tests. See, I was a little high but not way out of the park. I think it's our job as parents to see the best in our kids anyways, so it was all good. He had fun playing their "games" and we left with him happy and me ravenous.

Lunch with Kate was nice but then it got late and James freaked out and woke Ruby up and I got no downtime whatsoever and called Patrick at around 5pm. Our conversation sounded something like this:

S: whine about busyness, whine about James, whine about Ruby, just whine, how did you like your smoothie this morning?
P: listen, listen, listen, (maybe checking email?) it was good.
S: moan about laundry, moan about supper, moan, moan, what did you have for lunch?
P: listen, listen, listen, (maybe typing email?) listen, sandwich.
S: sigh, sigh, sigh, any suggestions for me?
P: make a list of stuff you want me to do and I can help.
S: (feeling so much better) (so thankful that he listened for this long without suggesting that I take a shower or calm down) I don't need to make a list, bunny. Well, I would like you to fix the printer, but really, I just had a long day.
P: I'll be home soon.
S: I love you.

Feeling refreshed, I soldiered on. The kids and I ate dinner and they actually ate (chicken pot pie) and then we all went up to our bed to color and read until Daddy got home. When they ran down to see him I fell asleep for about an hour. I woke up to put Ruby to bed and then went back to bed myself and read for a while before falling asleep pretty early. Patrick was working downstairs and came up later on. A very nice end to a very long day.

This morning I brought some laundry down to the basement and saw all these little piles all over the floor. He had sorted the mountain of laundry that was down there (with a very interesting method) and washed and folded and hung a couple other loads. Oh, what a sweetheart. Thank God for him. I called him at work to say thank you and he told me that he started working on the printer, too. xoxo

I woke today feeling rested and made a point to relax with my kids before doing any of my morning stuff. I had offered to watch my friends' 2 older kids for a little while this morning as her husband is out of town all week. (ulterior motive: friends to play with my kids instead of me!) (only partially kidding!) Instead of making sure my house was spotless or anything crazy like that I just took a shower and had coffee. Like she cares! Her kids are so sweet and James & Ruby had a lot of fun with them. (well, except for Ruby and the MINE issue but Piper is 6 months older and pretty wise about things like that)When Heidi came to pick them up she brought me this: Ah, she knows me so well. :)


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