Well, hello there.

I am trying to get us back into normal mode but I know it usually takes me a week to catch up so I'm giving in and just enjoying the slow pace. We had such a fun trip...it was really wonderful in a way that you don't always expect when you travel with kids. Oh sure, there were those moments, but really only a few of them. I wish I could always travel with my entire village. I bet the kids do, too. We are missing everyone and every once in a while James just says, "I miss my Annie" or, "I like Uncle Thomas' house."

I like Uncle Thomas & Erin's house, too. I am so happy for them and amazed at all the work they've done in such a short time. I felt so at home at my brother's house and that made me so happy and thankful. It's hard to explain but it's fun to have another home in the family...it feels like an extension of my own in a way that no one else's does. I hope they all feel that way at our house.

Can you tell I'm a little emotional today? If I kept on writing it would become painfully obvious as I rambled on about Patrick and the sunshine outside.

Instead I will tell you that I made some Hershey's type syrup yesterday afternoon and boy, is it good! Patrick and the kids like chocolate milk and I shudder when I read High Fructose Corn Syrup as the first ingredient on that brown bottle. I used this recipe and it has such a good flavor. I don't really like mochas but I squirted some in my coffee this morning, with cream, and it is very yummy. I think I need some vanilla beans because a simple syrup, boiled with a vanilla pod, might just give me that good vanilla flavor I've been missing.

One last thing. Why didn't anyone tell me there is an Anthropologie store at Hilldale mall? I was so sad they didn't have one at the MOA and went to their site this morning to order a catalog. Just for fun I checked Wisconsin store locations and saw one in MADISON. cool. Their stuff is so lovely to look at...just look at all the apron ideas I can steal be inspired by!


  1. The fact that there is a Anthropologie store in Hilldale is news to me too. Wanta meet up there soon?

    So glad that your trip went well.

  2. They really do have the most adorable aprons! Can't wait to see your look alikes! :)


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