LOVE & hate

LOVE & hate, originally uploaded by Liel Bomberg.

Liz tagged me so long ago for this meme and it's been in the back of my mind ever since. So, finally, here it is: 7 things I love, 7 things I hate.

1. love coffee brewing in the morning / hate when I drink OJ before my first taste of coffee
2. love cleaning lint out of my toes at the end of the day / hate stray hairs on my sponge when I'm doing dishes
3. love my bedroom in the afternoon / hate stray hairs stuck to my fingers in the shower
4. love the excitement of pulling up to a good thrift store/flea market/garage sale / hate flossing
5. love being outside with my family / hate people calling at dinnertime
6. love waffles / hate brussel sprouts (remember that time you forced me to eat them, mom? in the yellow kitchen on 8th street. I think I was on a tall stool.)
7. love magazines / hate junk mail


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