love & logic works

I'd like to tell you (my mother) that all is well here. Now. 15 minutes ago? Not so good.

I was innocently sitting on the kitchen floor looking through our suitcase (I said a week, it's not been that) to find James some clean socks. He walks by swinging a pair of jeans (previously mentioned pants with loops) and nails me right in the head. Hard. I reacted by yelling, "Get to your room! Now!" Hey, it hurt. (I know, I know.) I called him down a minute later and a few minutes after that I asked him to never hit me in the head with anything again, kidding or not. Then I apologized for yelling. He got that look on his face and hugged me.

"When you scream like that it really drains my brain, Mom. Yeah, it drains my brain energy."

I hugged him harder and he smiled (that pasty little smile) and said, "I can feel my energy coming back now."

That is totally a love & logic line. See? It works! (even on me)

Now we are fine and off to Zoe's. xoxo


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