number of additional children I'm dreaming of having: 0
number of kids who slept in our room last night: 1
number of couch cushions Ruby colored on with marker today: 2percentage of marker that has been removed with hand sanitizer borrowed from neighbor: 80
number of kids who've napped today: 0
number of kids who needed to: 2
number of times I've changed my shirt today: 3
number of ounces of pickle juice I've cleaned up today: 8
number of easter candy "recipes" I've tried to create today: 2
number that have worked: 0

number of minutes after I conceived this post that they did this: 5they are lucky.
:) xoxo


  1. Some days your the windshield some days your the bug. Tomorrow will be a windshield day I promise. Have a nice night.

  2. What. a. day.

    I did not know that Purell took out marker stains, or at least most of them. Interesting.

  3. Oh my gosh--poor thing! YOU I mean! Love the last pic. It makes it all worth it.


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