ruby's tuesday

R: mama! mama! c'mon mama!
S: I'm coming. (rolling out of bed)
R: (1 second later) NOT COMIN!
S: Ruby! Can I at least put my contacts in? (with sarcasm)
R: no.

I'm going to tack on a couple other things before I forget them.
  • Ruby can now count to 13. She combines 9&10 into a new number, tine, but does pretty well otherwise. (hide & seek just got a little more fun) *note: she will only count on her own terms. never, I repeat NEVER, upon request.
  • Her requests for lullabies are varied. The Gambler, Delta Dawn, How Much is that Doggie in the Window, Rock a By Baby, Bad Bad Leroy Brown & the ABCs are her current faves. Oh, and On Top of Spaghetti. (she loves replacing "when somebody sneezed" with "when James sneezed" heehee) It's true, her choices are limited to what I can recall, but she really seems to enjoy them.
  • She has lovely manners when she feels like it.
  • She's eating again, like a horse.
  • She tells James to bend over & wipe his butt and will also tell him "uh oh, bedroom time" when he's thrown a ball at the light or something she knows is unacceptable.
Allright, I've got to go now. James is at preschool and I still have to make some coffee. And Ruby won't stop turning the lights on and off. (they learn so quickly how to drive me mad) xoxo


  1. Hey--LUV Delta Dawn! OMG I am such a freaking cowgirl rockstah when I belt that one out. Oh, and love the apron. Too cute.


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